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Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886Party of deerstalkers returning home.Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home (album)
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Dead eye from sailing ship found at Gillespies BeachGreymouth.1937.Miners lamp, used in West Coast Mines.1900-1920.Inangahua College basketball teamNelson Evening Mail clipping of Annual Maruia Ewe Fair, March 1963.Nile River Bridge in the late 1800s.Reefton School dental clinic utensils.1970s.The Schroeder Family,Reefton.1950s. -ALBUM-Inangahua District Schools Centennial Blacks Point, 1978.Vic Manleys invite from the Greymouth Mayor to a Christmas dinner, 1931.Greymouth High School Golden Jubilee.Backyard cricket Jacobs River 1948Jacobs River School 1948Tony Lowe obituaryRollerson family at Westport beachVictor Rollerson centre. Other names appreciated..Tennis club maybe ReeftonModels that came with toothpaste.Battery at the Caledonian Mine, Larrys Creek near Reefton, 1975.Reeftonites at the Workingmens Club, ca 1970s.Showing the Drager BG 174 rescue set, 1973.One of Westland Dairys tanker and trailer, 1973.Playing 45s during crib time at Strongman Mine, 1982.Slipway from Bruce Bay mill used to load timber.Concert Ticket for the Blacks Point Band at the Princess Theatre in Reefton, 2nd October 1891.Bruce Bay 1937A young Fred Hollows helps bring supplies up the Waiatoto River 1953.Bruce Bay local Maori families waiting for monthly supply ship to unload.Gathering of Maori at Waiatoto, Jacksons Bay.Box o Birds Art Union advertLocomotive on streets of HokitikaLower Kowhitirangi SchoolRobert Anderson Ltd clothes shopKokatahi Football Club 1939Branch Executive and Editorial Committee of Womens Division, Federated Farmers, West Coast.Reeftonites at the Workingmens Club, ca 1970s.Gillespies TrackReefton District High School Staff, 1959.Waiuta, Treatment Plant on Snowy R. for ore from South Shaft, 1973.Members of West Coast Federation at Dominion A.G.M. in Greymouth, 1967.Dr. Conlon, Reefton.Greymouth Ab704 on 823, 25th February 1969.Settlement at Bruce Bay 1947.Green family at 'Granville' farm, Totara FlatFlax fibre drying, Coal Creek 1953.Bridie Casey née Phibbs with her grandsons, Pat Casey and Colin DalzellMark Wallace and Norris Sweeney, Upper Kokatahi 1947.School children  Kokatahi 1947.Bruce Bay School children 1947

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