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Dobson Car Rest Home (album)Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886Party of deerstalkers returning home.Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.
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Ray Shaw’s Runanga League Club membership cards 1956, 1957Honey family and Havill familyRunanga Rugby League Club seventh grade, 1951Rail tractor on Dense's tram, RunangaBeach at ParoaMelbourne to Hokitika shippingKaponga shipwreck 1932 *PHOTO ALBUM*Ray Shaw’s wee Runanga League jersey, 1940s.Elizabeth May Watson somewhere in Crushington, date unknown.Harvest Festival Sale in the Church at Blacks Point, 1944.Tim White in Reefton with the 3 stags he shot at 12 Mile, date unknown.Charles and Margaret White on the steps of their house in Waiuta.School of Mines, Reefton, date unknown.Thomas and Elizabeth Watson with Isabelle Watson, Belle White, as a baby, 1928.Grant White at Waiuta, Easter 1977.John Havill family of near Hokitika - five generationsWatsons old home at Crushington when Susie Dean owned it, 9th October 1961.Isabelle May Watson, Belle White, at Maruia, ca late 1940s early 1950s.Malcolm White with the families pet wallaby, Reefton.Tim White growing a beard for the beard competition in Reefton, 1969.Reids Store, Maruia, early 1980s..Crushington, date unknown. Edna,Gladys and George Springs 1938Wreck of the Abel Tasman, 1932 *PHOTO ALBUM* possibly Kaponga tooPost and Telegraph Resident Engineers Staff, Fire   --2 PHOTOS-- Mahinapua Creek through to Mananui on Greymouth-Ross cycletrail The last Star Rugby Football Club Seniors .1968. *AVERY PHOTO ALBUM* Buffalo Lodge Membership Certificate Mick Richardson in the Miner’s Lamp Cabin, Strongman 1986Philip Low outside the Golden Eagle Hotel, Greymouth, 17th December 1986.1926 flood, outside Brougham St entrance of Albion Hotel, Westport.Miss Vera Deeres house, 24 Herbert St, Greymouth. Taken opposite the Union Hotel, 1986.Gabriella aground in Grey RiverKoiterangi School centennial 1989Greymouth shipping *PHOTO ALBUM*Greymouth Industries Fair scenic flightCobden woman's institute outing, McGlasens busLake Brunner lodgeCobden beach 1950s159 Ward Street CobdenTaylorville Bridge taken in 1952Fitzgerald house in CobdenBoat in Grey River, possibly stuckBurke Creek colliery *PHOTO ALBUM*Burke Creek colliery *PHOTO ALBUM*Coal as an ornament recipeOtira 1971

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