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Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home.   -ALBUM-Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886Party of deerstalkers returning home.
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Toohey Family - Kathryn Williams, daughter of Pauline Toohey. 2010.Toohey Family - Wendy Johnson (left) and Kathryn Williams.St Patrick's including book character day *PHOTO ALBUM* West Coast team or maybe Marist? Grey Main School, P 1.1950.Shipwreck Ball .     *PHOTO ALBUM*Mr and Mrs P Dobson (nee Miss I O'Dea),Westport.Mr and Mrs J Sparks (nee Miss B Luff).Westport.Mr and Mrs W Goldie (nee Miss A Blackie)Mr and Mrs Hodgkinson (nee C Caldwell)Pauline Margaret Toohey, daugher of  James Toohey and Margaret Pow (Birdie) Toohey. Sybil Patricia Stewart  (nee Toohey) born 1918.Saltwater Creek in flood, Paroa, March 1978.Jim Anthony training with the Runanga Volunteer Fire Brigade.1956.   - 2 PHOTOS -Runanga Public School 50th Jubilee  Programme. 1956.  - ALBUM -Cobden Cub Pack and Scout Group .1987.  - 2 PHOTOS -Runanga School Hockey Team.1985.Walkway to Dorothy Falls, Lake Kaniere 1910-1919.Runanga Rugby League team.1987.Baby Deb ball, Westport *Alan Wisdom collection* Gordon Ellery Senior's bach *Alan Wisdom collection* Whitebaiting on the Taramakau *Alan Wisdom collection* West Coast women's basketball team *Alan Wisdom collection* *PHOTO ALBUM*Spectators at West Coast v Canterbury league match *Alan Wisdom collection* *PHOTO ALBUM*West Coast v Canterbury league *Alan Wisdom collection* *PHOTO ALBUM*R.I.P. - Desmond Walter Bergman. 5/9/38 - 21/2/20.   - 3 PHOTOS -Mystery pic 4, possibly old Greymouth house *Alan Wisdom collection*Mystery pic 3, possibly Cobden *Alan Wisdom collection*Boat on Grey River *Alan Wisdom collection*Cobden Bridge *Alan Wisdom collection*Ted Toohey's blacksmith site *PHOTO ALBUM* Single Fairlie R 28, ReeftonDXC 5195, DXC 5379 and DXC 5287 stand by at Otira on banker duty.2012.Susan Florence Jackson (nee Poingdestre),aged 60. 1914.Menu for the Caribbean lounge, GreymouthGreymouth parade, Tainui Street *Alan Wisdom collection*Dredge *Alan Wisdom collection*Port of Greymouth *Alan Wisdom collection*Possibly Lake Kaniere .Regatta on the Grey River *Alan Wisdom collection*Train on Cobden bridge with Grey River in flood. *Alan Wisdom collection*.Crossing Grey River bar *Alan Wisdom collection*Kaponga stranding on Grey River bar *Alan Wisdom collection*Kaponga crossing Grey River bar *Alan Wisdom collection*Port of Greymouth *Alan Wisdom collection*Toohey Family , Kaniere . 2010.  - 2 PHOTOS  -Rose family of Greymouth *PHOTO ALBUM*Greymouth dredgeCoal Creek.Two Greymouth women - Schaef was the photographer.

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