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Wilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886Party of deerstalkers returning home.Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home (album)Oddfellows Hall Reefton
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Harris hotel Humphreys Gully Zodiac car at The Gates of Haast bridge.1971.Halcyon Street , Charleston,1959... and map of Charleston.   -2 IMAGES-Death of policeman Charlie Rhodes after manhunt following robbery of army barracks, 1969Shantytown - Can-Can girls in Gold Nugget saloonWestland National Park visitor centre, Franz Josef, 1973Greymouth's bus service after the demise of Kennedy BrosAnnual Conference of the New Zealand Road Transport Alliance Alan Rawlins (married to Maven Beck) outside Becks GroceryGrey Main S3-4 1954The Mabin family,Greymouth and Nelson.Greymouth name - was Greymouth ever called Crescent CityInchbonnie flag-station.R J Seddon and Lord Ranfurly with Maori chiefs at Waitangi.1899.Dixon Park, Greymouth.Grey River in flood.April,1949.  -2 PHOTOS-Ships at Greymouth wharf. 1911.Mawhera Quay, Greymouth-Reclamation of lands for wharf.1873.Drove across Arthurs Pass in 1975- 57 Hillman minxMap of Big Dam, Callaghans etc near KumaraKokatahi Band on Tour. ca.1964-65.   -2 PHOTOS-History of the start of Kennedy Bros and a list of vehicles  .1970s.  -3 PHOTOS-Terry Kennedy presenting the first copy of his book-MEMORIES- to Frank Kennedy.1991.Damtown.   - Map  of Damtown and article.  -2 PHOTOS-Taffy and Mabel FilerReefton, 1967.Reefton, 1967.12 Mile remains Addisons Flat gold fields pit Bank of New South Wales in the process of being relocated from the first township of Westport.Coal River in Flood .ca. 1880s.Kumara Fire Brigade Demonstration 1918Erasmus and Annie Nisson - pioneers of South WestlandGovernor General Lord Bledisloe and Lady Bledisloe at Waiho Gorge, 1931Chinese Clay pipe found at Matai over 50 years agoLand Girl's Badge from WW2Jim Kennedy's LettersDemise of Kennedy's buses Ron McTaggart at Aunty Mina's birthdayCoast RoadWest Coast Schoolboys Rugby team, Played in Nelson, 1950sRunanga Masonic Lodge. Some of the Kokatahi Bands memorabilia.  -ALBUM-Arahura dredge under construction,1939.Marist Rugby Football Club, 5th Grade,1966.Arthur Stopforth and Billy Freitas in the Hokitika Centennial Parade.1965.

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