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Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home (album)Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886Party of deerstalkers returning home.
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World War II  Japanese propagandaN Z Aerodrome Unit that was Evacuated from Singapore during WW 11RSA membership cardLetter to Mr Kennedy while he had TbKennedy Bros taxi runsCaltex carrier bagKennedy Bros taxi cardList of Kennedy Bros staffBus runs 1957Jim Kennedy's account to Kennedy BrosSurplus Defence Force equipmentColourised picture of Seddon in Peugeot circa 1905Jacks Mill School certificate marking coronation of the QueenPurchase of bell for St Patrick's Church GreymouthJim Kennedy rugby league memorabiliaExtracts about Jim Kennedys  Rugby League days.1932-34. Panegyric preached by Fr Pat KennedyGreymouth High School, 1963.Class G2,1963.Greymouth High School ,1963.Greymouth High School 1964 Extracts from The Cyclopedia of New Zealand regarding Greymouth businessmenNewspaper article on Dawsons Hotel, Reefton dated 28th January 1984.Frank Kennedy receiving Meals on Wheels.1960s.Kennedys Bros vehicles *PHOTO ALBUM*Letter about George WebsterWhataroa Garage. Betts Motors Palmerston Street, Westport.Official Gazetted notice of the Revocation of Kennedy's Bonded WarehouseJim and Nesta Kennedy happy in their retirement.Closure of Kennedy BrosArgus Editorial regarding the passing of Robert (Bluey) James SweetmanJim Kenned's Royal Air Force Malaya PassKotuku Surf Living Saving Club. Membership CardFixing aerial ropeway at Stockton in the 1990sJim Kennedy's Proficiency CertificateGreymouth's Regent Theatre being builtCapstan cigarettesMitchells Hotel, Lake Brunner .1960s.Jim and Nesta Kennedy out and and Nesta Kennedys wedding .1936"A day at the races with Aunty Pat ".Jim and Nesta Kennedy at Kevins Wings graduation,RNZAF Base, Kennedy War RecordsJim Kennedy  RNZAF, Aerodrome Construction Squadron in Malaya.1942.Album of Jim Kennedys photos.1920s-40s.Kennedys Hudson Terraplane    -2 PHOTOS-Kennedy Bros.Motors. ca.1950.    *PHOTO ALBUM*Greymouth Panoramic photo . 1928.

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