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Party of deerstalkers returning home.Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home.   -ALBUM-Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886
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Cottage Hospital at Otira.Fisherman's Wharf, BlaketownNed Bourke, roadman Meybille Bay.Grey High School - 1962. Who are they?Rimu residents James & Margaret Corsan nee Wright.   - 2 PHOTOS -Grey high School - 1961- what year and who are they?Greymouth High School - 1963... what year and who are they?Cath and Agnes Fisher retire as store keepers, Nelson Creek.Greymouth - Aerial photograph taken by Whites Aviation. 1948.Rita and Bob Hyndman,married All Saints Church Hokitika ,1957 - happily married for 63 years.Greymouth - Circa 1905.Agnes Jane Thomas, nee Corsan , born 27 June 1880 - died 19 October 1910Catholic children at Haast aerodrome enroute to Whataroa for a week of catechism . ca. 1962.Kaniere School reunion ,1977 - Pupils from 1930-39. Arnold Scott and Norma."We meet , but to say farewell" - Mary Donovan on the motorbike, Fenemor Family.  - ALBUM  -Inaugural Haast Cattle Sale 1989 *PHOTO ALBUM*Greymouth Ladies at the Races in ChristchurchUnknown1918: Red Triangle Day procession on Mawhera Quay, GreymouthHokitika coffee roastingOrwell Creek house *PHOTO ALBUM*Loading logs Orwell CreekOrwell Creek Mill houses in the snow *PHOTO ALBUM*Otira Railway station - Main refreshment stop for passengers travelling on Midland Railway.An aerial tram for Coal at BlackballOld Ahaura Gold Dredge boiler being transported to the Ahaura Railway Station *PHOTO ALBUM*Orwell Creek house *PHOTO ALBUM*Orwell Creek Mill *PHOTO ALBUM*Gale & Havill treasures ... gold nugget on the brooch.  - 2 PHOTOS -Logging at Kotuku, and Orwell Creek, 1930s *PHOTO ALBUM*"All the workings you never see" and "Up after a wreck" - Kotuku.1931.   - 2 PHOTOS - Notes for Bill Lucas - "At Rest", jumped clear of the crash.Jacks Mill, Kotuku.1931.Load of Silver Pine posts leaving or arriving at  the NZR siding, Kotuku.1930. *PHOTO ALBUM*Derailment , Jacks Mill, Kotuku.1930.  - 2 PHOTOS -Lokie Smash,Jacks Mill,Kotuku.1930. *PHOTO ALBUM*Ethel Heslan with Dick and Harry,on the Hokitika Gorge swing bridge.  - 2 PHOTOS -Lake Kaniere boat races.  - ALBUM -Franz Josef Glacier.   - ALBUM -Lewis Pass.   - 2 PHOTOS -Kotuku - Jacks Mill - Lost LoadJohnston Loco - Made in Invercargill - Jacks Mill.1927. - 2 PHOTOS -Soda Spring , Kotuku - Anna Lucas carrying Hazel Lucas.1926-27.Kotuku - 1928 - Swing bridge The Lucas's house, Kotuku .1930 .Inchbonnie Railway shelterMain Street, Kotuku - 1927. "Duck Walk" from house to Main road,Kotuku.1926-27Kotuku - 1930 - Mr Jacks House - Jacks Mill

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