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Party of deerstalkers returning home.Blaketown lagoon.1862.Albert Street under flood. 1936.Dobson Car Rest Home.   -ALBUM-Oddfellows Hall ReeftonWilsons / Harris' Hotel ReeftonThe Reefton School of Mines 1886
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Cobden Primary School 1989Cobden Primary School 1990Greymouth Junior High. Room 5, 1995A Cobden League Team mid 1950s.Greymouth businesses 1984Ikamatua Railway Station.The Mawhera in the Grey River.West Coast Alpine Club members outside the first Carroll Hut in the winter of 1940.A cold journey-the coach leaving Arthurs Pass railway station to Dooley(Thorpe) and his Kiwi boysSluicing for goldSpectators heading into the Park for the Springboks Match,Greymouth.1937.Govenor General Cobham with Mick Brown and Bob Skelton Bob Skelton and Owner Trainer Mick Brown with Great Sensation, 1950s.A game of cricket in front of Dalzells Butchery, 1900s.Dalzells Butchery and staff, Historic Cemetery.   -ALBUM-Tainui Street, Greymouth, circa 1940.Old Post Office building, Greymouth.Tin Can Mail dropped over board from the Steamer Maunganui, Sep 18th, 1937Spectators at the Springboks vs West Coast Rugby match,Greymouth.1937.Nat Collins coal mine at Murray Creek, early 1900's.Inglewood Mine Crushing Plant near Reefton, date unknown.Blacks Point, 1912.The Inangahua Arms, Reefton, ca 1980's.Jacksons Post Office and renovated Hotel. Otira. Jan 1975.      -2 PHOTOS-Otira Gorge. Jan 1975.    -ALBUM-Greymouth wharf 1930-1940Ruggs truck, Arney St, Greymouth. 1964.Greymouth  - from Cobden.   ca.1900-1910.Greymouth Wharf. ca.1900-1910.Hospital Street, Greymouth.   ca.1900-1910.Greymouth,Tainui Street.1970.Sea Tow barge loading gravel for Auckland and loading barge No.4 with coal for North Island. Greymouth.Sea Tow Tugs 25 and 22 and Barges 17and 4 loading coal 2001, Greymouth.Swinging Barge in Grey River prior to loading with coal.The "Keep it Dark" Battery buildings in Crushington, 1910. Samuel WilliamsLicence to conduct horse-races at Kokatahi, 10th January 1913.SS Kairaki, lost at sea off Point Elizabeth, lost at sea off Point Elizabeth, Greymouth 25-26 September 1914.Postcard of the old Hokitika council building.Postcard of the Hokitika clock tower.Postcard of Tainui St, Greymouth, ca 1980.Postcard of the Jaycee Fountain in Tainui St, Greymouth, ca 1980.MacKay Street, Greymouth, postcard, 1980.Hokitika Pioneer Statue postcard, 1975.St John's Presbyterian Church, Greymouth, ca 1910's.Hospital St, Greymouth, ca 1910's.Lake Kaniere, ca 1910's.

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